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  • Based in Hong Kong, Christian Masset offers a list of private and small group tutorials on French language and culture.


    Long time French resident in Hong Kong, Christian has a background in international trade and linguistics. He also speaks 4 languages.

    Tutorials include :

    - Daily French language for beginners
    - French for advanced level B1, B2, C1, C2
    - French for the workplace (emails, letters)
    - Working in a French culture environment
    - French for holidays (tourism and shopping)
    - French table manners and hospitality
    - About French wines and gastronomy
    - How to date a French
    ... Please, let me know what you are interested in.

    • For classes & workshops, please, send us a message with your phone nr, we reply fast.

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    • Our offer

      Our Strengths

      Teaching French in Hong Kong since 2003, within local universities and for private clients, individuals and corporations.

      For language classes, I provide confidentiality and propose a tailor made solution, to define a program of 10 sessions to avoid waste of time and resources.

      Language and culture

      A- Daily French language for beginners - Rudiments
      10 sessions that allow you to form simple sentences and develop perfect pronunciation and reading skills.
      B- French for advanced level
      10 sessions for developing vocabulary, media reading and video watching, followed by discussions.
      C- French for the workplace (emails, letters)
      10 sessions focusing on reading short emails and replying with simple texts. Best suited after Class A Rudiments.
      From an advanced level, the emphasis is on phone conversation, correspondence, the workplace, etc...
      D- Working in a French culture environment
      3 hour cross-culture workshop for 1 person or a group of 5 people. If you already work or are going to work in a French company in Hong Kong or in France, especially in the luxury goods industry, better master all the social / cultural codes of language and attitudes. That will go a long way to make you an insider and feel comfortable.
      Having a business background, I can offer one of the most comprehensive program in French for business and the workplace.
      See more below...

      Mostly culture

      E - French for holidays (tourism and shopping)
      A 3 hour workshop centered on : most famous places to visits in France with gastronomy, local expressions, and familiarity to read brands and places.
      F - French table manners and hospitality
      A 3 hour workshop focusing on the traditional table manners and culture of hospitality across several regions of France.
      G - About French wines and gastronomy
      A 3 hour workshop centered on the main wine regions how to pair wine and food, knowing the main vineyards (crus), and famous vintages.
      H - How to date a French man or woman
      A 3 hour workshop every culture has its codes, especially when it comes to courting. If your eyes are on a French, whether male or female, knowing what to say and what to do in social circumstances can go a long way in touching his / her heart.
      ... and more.

      Testimonials :

      Christian is a very good teacher who emphasizes fundamental skills. He always tries his best to tailor-make the courses to fit our needs and share with us the French culture.” Magdalen Tsang - A French Bank.

      " ...what I have learned from you is truly inspiring. You have taught me more than just ..French, and opened my horizon on the French Culture." Michell Yan Ying Li. Former student of Shue Yan University, Hong Kong.


      We have an extensive client list and continue to offer one of the best training in practical French that Hong Kong has to offer.

      Let's talk about your needs, and we will propose a tailor made solution.

      Peak Communication

      Our programs of oral communication skills include : public speaking, presentation skills, interview skills, and cross-culture training.

      They are specifically designed to support all age groups : business people, young adults and teenagers.

      Regardless of whether you would like to:

      • improve your French or English
      • rehearse for a job or school interview
      • prepare for an important sales or business presentation
      • practice for a public speaking engagement
      • develop your story telling skill
      • develop your personal impact professionally and socially

      Each workshop is highly interactive and includes role plays, and case studies.


      Christian Masset, is the founder of Peak Communication. Since 2012, he has been working with individuals and corporations. His workshops provide clarity while being full of passion, and humor.


    • Our amazing clients-partners

      Some of our existing or past clients

      French for Daily Life and Professional Purpose

      - Bank NATIXIS (HK)

      - Bank Société Générale (HK)

      - Banque Pictet

      French for Corporate Communication

      - The University of Hong Kong – Space U

      - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

      - Hong Kong Shue Yan University

      - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

      - Chu Hai College – Hong Kong

      French for Corporate Communication

      The Community College of City University – Hong Kong