• Based in Hong Kong, we are dedicated to spreading the most effective soft skills to the workplace, and powering the planet with clean energy.

    The founder, Christian Masset, long time French resident in Hong Kong, has a background in international trade and linguistics. He also speaks 4 languages.

    - Workshops in public speaking skills

    - Cross cultural training for individuals and corporations

    - Market Surveys

    - French language and culture classes for individuals, groups and corporations

    - Seminars for university students on sustainable development, and current trends

    - Our services are available in English, French, Cantonese and Putonghua.

    • Our amazing clients-partners

      Some of our existing, past clients, and companies we have worked with.


      Clear The Air (NGO)

      – Motorwave Group

      – Tubemakers of Australia – former wastewater treatment company


      – Grand Sun Pte Ltd (Taiwan)


      – Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) now M Brain

      – Room Interior Products

      – Cargo Services Far-East Ltd

      – IFB Int’l FreightBridge

      – Kuehne-Nagel (HK)

      – Panalpina (HK-China)

      French for Daily Life and Professional Purpose

      - Bank NATIXIS (HK)

      - Bank Société Générale (HK)

      - The University of Hong Kong – Space U

      - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

      - Hong Kong Shue Yan University

      - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

      - Chu Hai College – Hong Kong

      French for Corporate Communication

      The Community College of City University – Hong Kong

      Communication and Marketing

      - Motorwave Group

      - Clear The Air (NGO)

      - Sofinor (France)

      - Inotech (France)

      - Sodepac (France)

      Communication and Cross-cultural work

      - Prudential (USA)

      - Shepell fgi (USA)

    • Our skills and services

      Presentation skills and public speaking workshops

      Initially designed for the young generation. Peak Communication started in 2011 to train teenagers and young adults for job and school interviews, public speaking and productive team work.

      Today, Peak Communication is also serving the corporate world, in training engineers and executives, as well as founders of SME's and Startups in traditional services and technology to engage with their colleagues and clients through public speaking, being the most cost-effective communication and marketing tool.

      Cross cultural training

      Our training aims at facilitating the integration of a person, a team or an organization into a different surrounding culture. It consists in recognizing and honoring the host culture without giving up one’s own. It is about adopting one more approach, see more than one possibility to better communicate with people, accomplish tasks, and resolve issues.

      Cross cultural training consists in building bridges between cultures.

      Since 2006, we provide cross-cultural training to organizations and individuals to either settle in Hong Kong or evolve comfortably in a French cultural environment. The training is provided by Peak Communication .

      Our list of past and existing partners include :

      Prudential (USA)

      – Shepell fgi (USA)

      – Brookfield Global Relocation Services (USA)

      Market Surveys

      Since 2004, we have conducted market surveys on the Logistics sector in Hong Kong, and other specialist areas, such as warehousing-storage, specialist softwares, and machine tools for Global Intelligence Alliance, and M-Brain, based in Singapore.

      French language and culture classes

      We teach French, from rudiments level A1 to advanced levels C2.

      You prefer starting the easy way to exchange greetings and read practical expressions, or you need to improve your knowledge of the language and culture for professional reasons, feel free to talk to us.

      More on this page.

      Seminars for university students

      The 21st Century Dialogues - A suite of seminars and presentations on critical issues related to sustainable development and social justice in order to :

      – bring forth recent information on global trends

      – apply critical thinking

      – foster a constructive reflection on issues and solutions

      support worthy projects and access to adequate technologies and knowledge

      build networks of individuals and organizations dedicated to a livable present and future

      See more on past seminars...

    • Workshops

      Peak Communication

      Our programs of oral communication skills include : public speaking, presentation skills, interview skills, and cross-culture training.

      They are specifically designed to support all age groups : business people, young adults and teenagers.

      Regardless of whether you would like to:

      • improve your English
      • rehearse for a job or school interview
      • prepare for an important sales or business presentation
      • practice for a public speaking engagement
      • develop your story telling skill
      • develop your personal impact professionally and socially

      Each workshop is highly interactive and includes role plays, and case studies.


      Christian Masset, is the founder of Peak Communication. Since 2011, he has been working with individuals and corporations. His workshops provide clarity while being full of passion, and humor.


      Language & Culture

      Since 2003.

      For very advanced levels C1 & C2 including French in the media, conversation on social and current issues, debates, daily interaction, French for daily life, we propose :

      • French for business people
      • French for professional purposes
      • French for corporate communication
      • Aspects of French culture

      Testimonials :

      Christian is a very good teacher who emphasizes fundamental skills. He always tries his best to tailor-make the courses to fit our needs and share with us the French culture.” Magdalen Tsang - A French Bank.

      " ...what I have learned from you is truly inspiring. You have taught me more than just ..French, and opened my horizon on the French Culture." Michell Yan Ying Li. Former student of Shue Yan University, Hong Kong.


      We have an extensive client list and continue to offer one of the best training in practical French that Hong Kong has to offer.

      Get a quote for an estimate and we will propose a tailor made solution.

      Our Strengths

      1 - Teaching French in Hong Kong since 2003, within local universities and for private clients, individuals and corporations.

      For private clients, I first evaluate your objectives:

      - initiation, rudiments

      - more advanced

      - cultural elements

      I provide confidentiality if required, and propose a tailor made solution, to define a clear program and avoid waste of resources.

      2 - Having a business background, I can offer one of the most comprehensive program in French for business and the workplace.

      An extensive list of clients since 2003

      We have been teaching French from rudiments level A1 to advanced level C1, C2. We always adapt to your objectives and propose different steps, from simple exchanges of greetings and practical expressions to more advanced levels. You may need to deepen your knowledge of the language and the culture for professional reasons, in either case feel free to talk to us.

    • Seminars of the 21st Century Dialogues series

      Presentations made on demand for schools and universities

      Sustainable Development in Hong Kong -

      Challenges and Opportunities

      International Business School (France) – SMI program Semester of International Management - 2017, 2018, 2019

      A 3 hour presentation with discussion. Delivered in Hong Kong.

      Coping with Climate Change and Promoting Sustainable Development in Hong Kong and Macau

      University of Macau (UMAC) - Moon Chun Memorial College - a seminar organized by the French Consulate. Oct 2016

      A panel discussion on sustainability work for students. Volunteering for the environment as a valuable path to professional experience.

      Hong Kong and the Mainland, One country, Two systems

      International Business School (France) – SMI program Semester of International Management - 2015, 2016

      Challenges and opportunities. A 3 hour presentation with discussion. Delivered in Hong Kong.

      An evening in career investigation

      Discovery Bay International School - Sept 2015

      Replacing the "old" job search paradigm, by understanding the needs of the 21st century organization, knowing : "for whom" you want to work, the emphasis on soft skills, creative thinking, and responsibility. As jobs die, new ones keep appearing.

      Some presentations are available on demand

      Feel free to contact us for more information

      Consumerism, how did we get there ?

      School of Design of Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) MBA Program - from 2010 to 2015

      A 6 hour seminar with video clips, discussions, and group work in 4 parts covering : the birth of the mega corporations, the rise of consumerism in the West, and in China, the mediatized politics, and more recent trends : from corporation to cooperation.

      The growing problem of food safety in China.

      Early 21st Century sustainable development – Issues and Opportunities

      International Business School (France) – SMI program Semester of International Management 2013 - 2014

      A 3 hour presentation with discussion. Delivered in Hong Kong.

    • Invest responsibly

      Develop your capital

      Support healthy natural plantations and communities


      Asia Plantation Capital

      Leading the way in sustainable plantation

      Agarwood plantation investment

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    • Cool Ideas For Everyone

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      Helena Norberg-Hodge, at Ted'x New Zealand 2011

      Article published in the South China Morning Post on 2nd June 2010

      further the US oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

      "Climate change is a political and energy issue."

      Listen to Jeremy Rifkin

      The TPP and the sovereignty of nations, the clash

      Air quality in Hong Kong 2008

      A Bloomberg interview of Christian Masset for the NGO Clear The Air on 12th Dec. 2008

      Air quality in Hong Kong 2004

      Star TV for Earth Day April 2004, Christian Masset for Clear The Air

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